Kona Kohala Chamber Of Commerce Luncheon with Mayor Kenoi and Dept Heads

Kona Kohala Chamber Of Commerce Luncheon 2014

Amici Ristorante Italiano Owners With Mayor

We attended The Annual Focus Luncheon with Mayor Kenoi and his Cabinet Staff on February 27, 2014 at the King Kamehameha Hotel.   As usual the Mayor was his jovial joyful self cracking jokes and spreading his manao!   We were able to get a few pictures with him as you can see here.  The Mayor’s Cabinet Heads were all in attendance and we had questions and one of our questions was selected as time was limited.   However, we are still in hot pursuit of the truth and we will get it one way or another as we have been talking with the heads of these Depts and so this will be interesting to see what is going to happen.   Stay tuned…..  Regardless the food was good and the friends we made were very nice and will be stopping by Amici Ristorante Italiano as we gave out some business cards and networked a little bit.   We were glad that we were able to put names to faces and get our message to the decision makers Finally……

Amici Ristorante Italiano Mayors Luncheon Discussion

The Mayor and his Staff enjoyed answering some select questions as time was short but our question got asked!  So we are looking into researching to make sure that the answer does indeed match what is going on in reality.  Very interesting luncheon and very informative!

The Mayor is addressing some questions about the Planning and Building permit process.  This is the process that the Dept Head Duane Kanuha said is the way the process is suppose to work.